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Elastomer Gasket - 3/4 inch for Toilet



Part Number: #67931 
Mfg No.: T-375
Mfg: Tight Seal Gasket

This ¾ inch thick waxless toilet gasket is designed for closet applications. It is made of a special material known as elastomer. Elastomer is a sticky, springy material that helps to create an airtight seal and bounces back after being compressed. It combines the best features of both wax and rubber gaskets, while eliminating the drawbacks of the other gaskets. This gasket is manufactured by Tight Seal Gasket, model number T-375.

Elastomer Gasket Features:

  • Temperature Resistant. This gasket is temperature resistant, in that it will not melt during the summer heat and will not become hard during the winter cold.
  • Maintains Shape. It will maintain its shape and will return to its original form after being squeezed.
  • Tight Seal. This gasket maintains a tight seal due to it’s sticky material.
  • Repositionable and Reusable. The elastomer material this gasket is made of is repositionable and reusable. If the need to replace the toilet happens, there is no need to replace the gasket.
  • No Messy Wax Residue. It leaves no messy wax residue because it’s wax-free. In fact, it leaves no residue at all, making cleanup easy.