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G2 Handsfree Conversion Kit 1.6 or 3.5 GPF for Closet



Part Number: #08700
Mfg No.: RESS-C
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


Sloan's G2 Optima Plus battery operated flushometer turns any restroom into an odorless, highly hygienic place. They can retrofit on all existing Sloan Royal or most other diaphragm valves quickly and easily. G2 Optima Plus flushes automatically after each use, so it will keep things cleaner, longer! People will appreciate the clean condition of the restroom. Great for ADA restrooms. Uses four AA three-year life batteries. This product is shipped with the 1.6 GPF regulator installed. Specify that you want the regulator converted to a 3.5 GPF regulator in the 'special instructions' at check out (located at the bottom of the check out page). Comes with Handle Cap & Gasket (#08396), and Sloan Strap Wrench (Pictured).

Keeps Things Cleaner, Longer!

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