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Magnetic Door Barrier 'Closed For Maintenance' - 42"



Part Number: #38554
Model Number: CFM-01

This Magnetic Door Barrier is ideal for when a restroom stall is temporarily closed for maintenance. This 'Closed For Maintenance' nylon barrier is bright orange, which helps it stand out from the partition door to immediately notify patrons that a restroom stall is currently unavailable. Easily attach one magnetic side to one side of the partition then attach the other to the far side while making sure there are no twists and the text is in the correct orientation. Magnetic Door Barrier model number CFM-01. 

• 42-inches in length 
Made with a durable, rot-resistant nylon 
Fits standard 36-inch metal door frame 
Conforms to OSHA standards 
Lightweight and easy to use 
Made in the USA