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Megapro® - The Original



Part Number: #37696
Mfg No.: 151NAS
Mfg: Megapro


The Original Driver by MegaPro® is an essential tool for every plumber and maintenance man. It includes 7 double-ended high quality bits that are cleverly stored inside the handle in a retractable bit cartridge. This means you get a total of 14 of the most popular driver bits that you will never lose again! MegaPro® Drivers are expertly crafted with many small features that add up to make a big difference, especially for those of you that will use these tools frequently. The handle is made of engineered nylon/ABS resin, Triax 1120. The shaft is made of alloy steel.

The bits included with this driver include the following:
• Phillips Bit sizes 0-3
• Phillips Bit 1-2
• Square Bit 0-3
• Square Bit 1-2
• Slot (Flat) Bit 4-6
• Torx Bit 10-15
• Torx Bit 20-25

MegaPro® is a highly regarded hand tool manufacturer that has been creating innovative designs and using high quality materials to create superior tools for over 20 years. All MegaPro tools are crafted in the USA and Canada. Their tools have a lifetime warranty.