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Out of Order Self-Adhesive Toilet & Urinal Cover



Part Number: #17509 
Manufacturer: Janiwrap

The "Out of Order" Self-Adhesive Toilet and Urinal Cover from Janiwrap provides your customers that walk into your restroom with a sleek, unobtrusive, and dignified “Not In Service” cover on the urinal or toilet instead of an old trash bag. This cover does more than prevent the use of toilets or urinals, it conceals waste by keeping it safely out of sight while vastly reducing unwanted odors from escaping. 

To install, simply unroll and apply the adhesive Janiwrap sheet evenly over the fixture. Stretch it out to remove wrinkles. Then cut off the excess file for a clean, smooth look. Apply the “Not in Service” sticker on the cover after installing. Show your building’s occupants how much you care by keeping restrooms attractive and sanitary. Your restroom visitors will appreciate it. Comes in a roll of 32 sheets.