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Pressure Assist Toilet Tank with Bowl - 1.28 GPF STD Height LH Tank



Part Number: #69528
Manufacturer Number: Bowl - 2178009 and LH Tank - 2108010
Manufacturer: Sloan Valve


This Pressure Assist Toilet Tank is made by Sloan. It is an elongated, floor-mounted toilet that comes in two pieces. It has a low flush volume of 1.28 GPF. This Sloan toilet is a standard height toilet. The tank lever is on the left side. It has a Flushmate® vessel that supplies the pressure, giving the toilet optimal performance. This vitreous china toilet also has a SloanTec Antimicrobial Glaze. The toilet tank has a 3-point secure mounting system and a fully glazed trapway. Standard 12 inch rough-in. Closet bolts and caps included. Great for commercial facility situations when installing a flushometer is not an option.

This model has a SloanTec Glaze which prevents the growth and any buildup of bacteria, germs, mold, mildew, or mineral scale on the surfaces of the fixture. The antimicrobial SloanTec Glaze lengthens the lifespan of the commercial toilet while simultaneously helping to keep the fixture hygienic with less maintenance required.



  • Permanent SloanTech Glaze - antimicrobial coating
  • Fewer “double flushes” - Pressure-assisted flushing technology by Flushmate
  • Smooth, quiet activation - no flappers, no chains. Cable activated flush handle
  • No tank condensation - tank is insulated
  • Elimination of tank rocking - Secure, 3-point tank mounting system
  • Lower possibility of back-ups even in very high-traffic uses 
  • A cleaner bowl - higher velocity and pressure rim jets 
  • Fast refill time - Takes half the time of competitive pressure vessels
  • High MaP scores - Sloan’s pressure assisted toilets have reached as high as 1,500g in tests
  • Sustainable water savings- flush volumes are non-adjustable
  • 50% longer drainline carry - ASME requires a 40-foot drainline carry. These toilets can flush more than 90 feet