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Restroom Essentials Tool Set



Part Number: #39533
Mfg: Equiparts

This custom tool set contains all of the top tools used for commercial restroom fixture repairs and maintenance. This tool set is perfect for maintenance personnel, facility managers, and the like that service restrooms in commercial facilities. It is also a great tool set for plumbers. It's important to use the right tools for repairs on flushometer and faucet fixtures since they are pricey fixtures that can easily get damaged when the wrong tools are used to complete maintenance tasks. Be prepared for many restroom repair situations with the tools in this restroom essentials set.

The kit includes the following:
• Offset Non-Marking Valve Wrench - Part #08070
• Tailpiece Removing Tool - Part #08063
• Spud Wrench - Part #03118HD
• Universal Basin Nut Wrench - Part #37314
• Faucet Handle Puller - Part #03201
• 9-Piece Medium Folding Hex Key Set - Part #34943
• Aerator Key - Part #54693

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