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Restroom Stall Block-Aide



Part Number: #16764 
Mfg: Equiparts Approved Vendor

This Restroom Stall Block-Aide is ideal for commercial restrooms. It is a reusable restroom stall sign and block that tells patrons when a restroom stall is out of service. This restroom stall block-aide is used to slide over a stationary stall front panel and the door panel. This locks the door and prevents patrons from entering the stall. The message on the block-aide is polite and lets the patron know that the stall is currently out of service. This tool slides easily between the two panels. It is made of ABS resin which protects it from chipping or cracking if dropped. It fits most doors.


See how the Block-Aide Restroom Sign and Stall Lock works in the video below: