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Saniguard Total Release Fogger 8oz



Part Number: #60350002
Mfg No.: SG55-2000
Mfg: CHG

This fogger can sanitize an entire room in just minutes! It clears the room of disease-causing microbes instantly. It kills the germs and instantly dries on contact without leaving any slick residue behind on surfaces it came into contact with. This is great for hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, classrooms and more. Leaves no residue, dries on contact. Comes in an 8oz can. The 8-ounce fogger is designed to treat up to 625 square feet (25 x 25 x 8 foot dimensions).

View the Saniguard Total Release Fogger SDS Sheet

Also available in a 3-ounce size (Designed to sanitize areas up to 125 square feet (12 x 12 x 8-foot dimensions) View the Saniguard Total Release Fogger 3oz


SaniGuard Fogger Instructions


Close all outside windows and doors. Use one (1) container for each area depending on which size fogger you are using. Elevate fogger by placing on a stand or table if possible (maximum 2’ off ground). Tilt away from face before activating (container sprays straight up). Press down firmly on the edge of the actuator tab until it locks into place, then set fogger on floor, stand or table. Leave the area immediately after activating fogger. Keep treated area closed for at least 15-20 minutes before returning.

We recommend using the treated room again one hour after treatment was started.