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Sloan ESD-2000-CP Deck Mounted Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser



Part Number: #16929
Mfg No.: ESD-2000-CP
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co

This Optima Deck Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser is made by Sloan Valve, model number ESD-2000-CP. Code number 3346089. It has a chrome-plated finish and is battery operated. ADA Compliant soap dispenser. Matches Sloan EAF-200, EAF-250, and EAF-275 series faucets. View specific faucet models through the following links: EAF-200-P, EAF-200-LT-ISMEAF-200-P-ISM, EAF-250EAF-250-ISM-ICEAF-250-ISM), EAF-275, and (EAF-275-ISM). 

Finish: Polished Chrome (CP)
Power Type: Battery
Height: 177/1000" (4mm)
Width: 79/1000" (2mm)
Depth: 11/50" (6mm)
Sensor Type: IR

• Easily attaches to deck surface
• Four (4) D-size alkaline batteries included
• Active infrared sensors for hands-free use
• Drip-free foam dispensing
• Battery life for 45,000 activations
120V/15 Amp
• Comes with 2 bottles of non-scented, non-colored foam soap (1500ml per bottle)

View Sloan ESD-2000-CP Spec Sheet