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G2 Complete Head Assembly for Closet



Part Number: #08696
Sloan Model Number: EBV-138-A
Sloan Code Number: 0325160
Manufacturer: Sloan


This Complete Closet G2 Head Assembly from Sloan Valve is used for replacing G2 heads that are malfunctioning. Included in this assembly are the cover, ring, module, and solenoid assembly. This assembly is not a retrofit kit. To convert a Royal or Regal Closet Flushometer to a Sensor Activated Flushometer, you would need a Retrofit Kit. This complete head assembly is a cost effective solution for replacing the units’ head as opposed to replacing the entire unit

The parts that make up this head assembly are the following:

  • #08701 - Cover Assembly with Override Button
    • #08715 - Override Button Assembly
    • #08705 - Lens Window Cover
  • #08421 - Ring
  • #08697 - Module for Closet
  • #08702 - Plastic Sub Base
  • #08720 - Base with Solenoid


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