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Sloan EBV-136-A Solenoid (For G2 Flush Valves)



Part Number: #08721
Sloan Model Number: EBV-136-A
Sloan Code Number: 3325453
Manufacturer: Sloan


This Flush Valve Solenoid is made for use in New Style G2 Optima Plus (also simply known as G2) flush valves. New style refers to the G2 units made from mid 2003 to present. Older Optima Plus units made pre mid-2003 use a different solenoid (See Part #SP5825). New Style G2 Optima Plus modules can be identified by a blue module. 


Solenoid Replacement Directions:

    1. Turn off water and relieve pressure by loosening the tailpiece coupling and then re-tightening. Loosen and remove top screws along with the outer cover assembly.
    2. Disconnect the wire clip from the batter door and remove the module from the inner metal cover assembly. 
    3. Remove the bad solenoid by turning is counter clockwise. Be sure to remove any remaining o-rings or parts in the orifice.
    4. Remove the housing (black plastic covering) from the threaded end of the new operator (unscrew counter clockwise). Note that finding fluid in the housing is normal.
    5. Make sure both o-rings are installed on the grey end cap of new operator. Install by threading it (clockwise) into the housing. Tighten with fingers only, just beyond being snug.
    6. Mount the module back onto the cover assembly. Reconnect the plastic clip to the battery door.
    7. Reassemble the outer cover assembly.
    8. Turn water back on at the control stop. Installation is complete.


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