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Push Button Actuator - Hydraulic Flushometer Side Wall Variant (Black Button)



Part Number: #08568
Mfg No.: HY72ASW
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


Side Wall (SW) Push Button Assembly for use with Sloan Series 900 Hydraulic Flushometers. Recommended for installation where access behind the wall is not available. Installation requires electrical box with cover plate (not supplied by Sloan). *Installation Requires 3-gang Electrical Box (6-13/16" (173 mm) long x 4-1/2" (114 mm) wide x 1-5/8" (41 mm) deep) and 2-gang Cover Plate (3/4" (20 mm) raised max. x 4-3/4" (121 mm) high x 7-1/16 (179 mm) long) –––– NOT Supplied by Sloan.

Includes the following features:
• ADA Compliant Non-Hold-Open feature type Actuator
• Large diameter, Spring Loaded Button
• Mounting fasteners for installation on 2-gang electrical box cover plate
• Two 84" (2134 mm) long flexible tubing for connection to Sloan Series 900 Hydraulic Flushometer.