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Optima Lumino Faucet with Temperature Indication Ring - 1.5 GPM



Part Number: #87487
Mfg No.: EAF-225
Sloan Code Number: 3335075
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co

Sensor Activated, Electronic, Chrome Plated Die-Cast Metal, Hand Washing Faucet with the following features:
• Indicates the adjusted water temperature via illuminated LED color changing ring
• Standby mode (option) permits light ring to remain illuminated with dim white light
• Soft-off function of indicator light. Light is turned off softly after the water flow stops
• Hot adjustable water limit set point
• Modular One-piece Construction with all Concealed Components above deck
• Double Infrared Sensors with Automatic Setting Feature and Microprocessor
• Magnetic Solenoid Valve
• Water temperature revealed by Illuminated Temperature Indication Ring
• Water Temperature can be user adjusted
• Standby Mode permanently illuminates ring with dimmed white light
• Security-off after 1 minute of continuous water flow (vandal-resistant construction)
• Water Supply Connection with Flexible High-pressure Hose and Strainer
• Appropriate Mounting Hardware included
• 1.5 GPM
• This unit includes a plug-in transfor

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