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Retrofit Hybrid Waterless Urinal with Bracket



Part Number: #89825
Mfg No.: HYB-1000-RET
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


Did you ever wish you could occasionally flush your waterfree urinal just to eliminate odor and wash down the old pipes? Now you can with the new Sloan Hybrid Urinal with Jetrinse™ technology. This patented new product is basically a waterfree urinal that automatically flushes up to one gallon of water once every 72 hours. You still save thousands of gallons of water a year, but now it’s easier to keep your lines clean, hygienic, odor free, and clog free!

• MAJOR Water Savings!
• Clean, fresh restrooms!


• Eliminates number one cause of drain line clogs.
• Minimizes cleaning effort.
• Virtually eliminates odor.
• Touch-free hygienic operation.
• Earns maximum LEED credits.
• Up to five times cleaner than conventional flush urinals.


• Wall hung, vitreous china.
• Complete mounting kit included.
• Comes with additional support bracket.

Jetrinse™ Assembly:

• Automatic activation injects one gallon of water through housing and drain line every 72 hours to prevent struvite build-up and clogs.
• Flush can be activated manually.
• Long life lithium battery provides at least eight years of service.

Cartridge Assembly

• Enhanced patented design maximizes operational life, prevents accidental sealant loss, and virtually eliminates odor.
• Biodegradable sealant liquid.
• Vandal resistant locking design.
• Provides an average of 7,000 uses that saves up to 40,000 gallons of water a year.

Click Here to view HYB-1000-RET Spec Sheet