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SOLIS Conversion Kit 0.5 GPF for Urinal



Part Number: #83082
Mfg No.: SOLIS RESS-U 0.5
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


This SOLIS Single Flush Retro Kit is used to convert a manual Royal or Regal Urinal Flushometer into a Solar Powered, Sensor Operated Flushometer. By retrofitting a pre-existing Royal or Regal urinal flushometer to a SOLIS, it will provide ground-breaking water efficiency for facilities. The SOLIS utilizes light to charge its highly efficient capacitor, which provides power to the unit even in rooms where the light is occupancy-controlled. This retro kit has a 0.5 GPF drop-in kit with batteries.

This conversion kit contains the following parts:

  • #85586 - Cover Assembly Single Flush
  • #08421 - Locking Ring
  • #86939 - Module SOLIS Urinal
  • #08702 - Cover Rest Plate
  • #08720 - Inside Cover Assembly (Includes Solenoid)
  • #08695 - Drop-In Urinal Repair Kit with Batteries 0.5 GPF
  • #08396 - Cover for Handle Opening with Gasket