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Urinal Flange Repair Kit (6 PC)



Part Number: #65784CS
Mfg: Equiparts Approved Vendor

This Urinal Flange Repair Kit includes everything needed to repair a broken flange without having to remove the original flange (which can be difficult in some situations). In this flange repair kit, you receive everything needed to repair a broken 2-inch flange all in an easy to use kit. This kit can repair both plastic and metal flanges, and comes with all the parts necessary to fix your broken urinal flange. Watch our flange repair kit video through the link below to learn more about it. 

This is a case quantity (6) of urinal flange repair kits, for the single quantity see #65784.

Kit Includes:
• Adjustable Metal Flange Repair Part
• Neoprene Gasket
• 2" Bolts (2)
• Nuts (2)
• Washers (2)

First open up the adjustable metal flange and slide it around the edge of the flange, between the broken flange and the urinal gasket. Close the adjustable metal flange, and then install your bolts. Now your urinal flange is repaired.

Learn how the Urinal Flange Repair Kit works in our how-to video

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