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Urinal Flange Repair Kit with Premium Gasket (Case of 6)



Part Number: #68166CS
Mfg: Equiparts

The urinal flange repair kit is great for repairing 2" flanges without having to remove the original flange. Repairs both plastic and metal flanges and comes with the essential parts to repair the broken flange. The adjustable metal flange opens up and slides around the edge of the flange, in between the flange and the urinal gasket. Close the flange, install your bolts and the flange is now repaired. It also comes with a premium gasket. This gasket is made of a sticky elastomer, which ensures a tight seal. It will not break, melt, or become brittle over time unlike the other gaskets. It is flexible and resilient, which helps maintain its shape. It can be repositioned at any time. It measures 1/2" thick. Comes in a case of 6.