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Find Sloan flushometers,  faucets, china fixtures, plumbing parts and accessories. Minimum Order $50.

Plumbing Repair Parts (View All)

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View our full selection of repair parts for flushometers, faucets, and other plumbing and maintenance fixtures and task in this category. Here you will find repair parts for urinals, like urinal gaskets, urinal flanges and flange repair parts, urinal master rebuild kits, urinal gaskets, and cartridges. You will also find repair parts for closets and flushometers, including vacuum breakers, actuator housing assemblies, adjustable flushometer guides, closet bolts, and more. Here are also a variety of sink and shower repair parts, and other miscellaneous plumbing repair parts, like faucet sensor and mounting kits, ball valves, and much more. To view category specific plumbing parts, view the following categories: Manual Flushometer Parts, Sensor Flushometer Parts, Electronic Faucet Parts, or Accessories and Tools categories to see our repair parts in the various categories.

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