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G2 Complete Head Assembly - Closet (Cover, Ring, Module, Solenoid Assembly)



Part Number: #08696
Mfg No.: EBV138A
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


This Complete Closet G2 Head Assembly from Sloan Valve is used for replacing G2 heads that are malfunctioning. This assembly is not a retrofit kit. To convert a Royal or Regal Closet Flushometer to a Sensor Activated Flushometer, you would need a Retrofit Kit. This complete head assembly is a cost effective solution for replacing the units’ head as opposed to replacing the entire unit.

The parts that make up this head assembly are the following:

  • #08701 - Cover Assembly with Override Button
    • #08715 - Override Button Assembly
    • #08705 - Lens Window Cover
  • #08421 - Ring
  • #08697 - Module for Closet
  • #08702 - Plastic Sub Base
  • #08720 - Base with Solenoid


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