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Find Sloan flushometers,  faucets, china fixtures, plumbing parts and accessories. Minimum Order $50.

Royal Parts Manufactured up to 1998

Sloan Royal Flush Valve Parts

Royal Flushometer Repair Parts Old Style

In 1998, Sloan Valve Company updated the diaphragm design in Royal manual flushometers to a dual bypass diaphragm kit. For this reason, we specify Royal manual flushometers pre 1998 and post 1998 to help our customers order the right part for their Royal manual flushometer unit. If you need help figuring out if your Royal manual flushometers are old or new style, give us a call and speak to one of our product experts. Find all of the following parts to service your pre 1998 Royal flushometer: drop-in repair kits, diaphragms, molded discs, adjustable guides, handle repair kits, handle assemblies, vacuum breakers, spud coupling assemblies, spud assemblies, flanged spud washers, flow controls, ADA valve assemblies, solder kits, stop assemblies, tailpieces and more.
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