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Handle - ADA Antimicrobial Flush Valve Assembly



Part Number: #40261391
Mfg No.: B73ASG
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


Genuine replacement for original Sloan valves. Fits Royal and Regal valves. It installs easily into existing flushometer bodies. Manufactured by Sloan, it also replaces units by Zurn and others. It is factory assembled and pre-lubricated to assure long life and reliable operation. The blue-collar identifies the handle assembly had been treated with SANIGUARD. The antimicrobial treatment on all handle assembly contact points helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and some viruses. SANIGUARD's patented silver-based technology is built into the fish of the handle, unlike disinfectants that dissipate quickly. This Antimicrobial flush valve helps against the spread of organisms.

Learn more about this Antimicrobial Flush Valve Assembly including what handles it fits and why antimicrobial treated handles are worth installing in our Sloan Antimicrobial Flushometer Handle Assembly Blog Post