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Royal Single Flush Side Mount Flushometer 1.0 GPF for Urinal



Part Number: #85611
Sloan Model Number: ROYAL 186 SFSM-1.0
Sloan Code Number: 3912745
Manufacturer: Sloan 

1.0 gpf, Polished Chrome Finish, Fixture Connection Top Spud, Single Flush, Battery, Royal® Exposed Sensor Urinal Flushometer. For 3/4" Top Spud Urinals.

• Flush Volume: 1.0 GPF
• Finish: Polished Chrome
• Power Type: Battery
• Valve: Diaphragm
• Valve Body Material: Semi-red Brass
• Fixture Type: Urinal
• Fixture Connection: Top Spud
• Rough-In Dimension: 11 1⁄2"
• Spud Coupling: 3⁄4"
• Supply Pipe: 3⁄4"


• True Mechanical Override Flush Button
• Four (4) size C alkaline batteries included
• “Low Battery” Flashing LED
• “User in View” Flashing LED
• 72-Hour Sentinel Flush
• 3⁄4” I.P.S. screwdriver Bak-Chek® angle stop with free spinning, vandal resistant stop cap
• Sweat Solder Adapter w/Cover Tube and Cast Wall Flange with Set Screw
• No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation
• Handle Packing, Main Seat, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker Molded from PERMEX® Rubber Compound for Chloramine resistance
• Infrared Sensor with Multiple-focused, Lobular Sensing Fields for high and low target detection

Compliances & Certifications:
ADA Compliant, cUPC Certified, BAA Compliant


View Sloan 3912745 Spec Sheet

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The particular sensor side mount operated flush valve featured here is capable of being installed in either a left- or right-handed handle position and, since the entire unit comes with all major components already in place, installation is quick and simple. It's a one gallon-per-flush diaphragm-type Flushometer, with a synthetic rubber called PERMEX® used to alleviate deterioration from chlorine in the water. The sensor operated single flush valve is powered by a set of four C-type batteries that reside beneath a chrome-plated cover. A flashing LED warns of low power, but the TMO button (true mechanical override) allows for flushing even when the batteries are dead.