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Sloan Bedpan Washer Parts Breakdown and Troubleshooting Guide (Before 1998)

Below is the parts breakdown for the Sloan Bedpan Washer manufactured before 1998. Scroll down and click on the part number(s) you need in order to repair your Bedpan Washer unit. (Please note: If an item does not have a link, we still carry it, but the item is not currently listed on our website. If you wish to order this item, give us a call.) Scroll past the parts diagram and you will see the troubleshooting Q&A, which highlights the most commonly occurring issues, and the solutions to fix them. Sloan bedpan washers are most commonly found in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. 

Sloan Bedpan Washer Breakdown PDF
View complete bedpan flushometer:
• Complete Bedpan Flush Valve - 3.5 GPM

  • 1. #08464 - H700A - 1" Screwdriver Control Stop
  • 2. #08725 - V600AA - 1-1/2 x 21-1/2 Vacuum Breaker
              #08436 - V600AA - 1-1/2 x 21-1/2 Vacuum Breaker with 2" Offset
              #80795 - V600AA - 1-1/2 x 13-1/2 Vacuum Breaker (ADA Height)
  • 3. #08812 - F2A - 1-1/2" Slip Joint Coupling Assembly
  • 4. #08329 - DV1 - Diverter Valve Body
  • 5. See item #26 or #08092 - Counterbalance Spring
  • 6. #08286 - DV2 - Nozzle Pivot
  • 7. See item #26 or #29 - Diverter Valve Seal Washer
  • 8. See item #26 or #29 - Diverter Valve Seal
  • 9. #08354 - DO6 - Diverter O-Ring (2 Required)
  • 10. See item #26 or #29 - Set Screw
  • 11. See item #27 - O-Ring
  • 12. #08093 - DV32AA - Nozzle and Tube Assembly (Comes with #27 & #15 Pre-Assembled)
  • 13. See item #27 - Nozzle Screen
  • 14. See item #27 - Nozzle Spray Disc
  • 15. See item #12 - Spray Disc Retainer (Pre-Assembled)
  • 16. See item #28 - Lead Anchor 5/16" (2 Required)
  • 17. See item #28 - Wall Flange with Set Screw
  • 18. #08935 - DV13 - Support Rod
  • 19. See item #28 - #10 Wood Screw (2 Required)
  • 20. #04898 - Equiparts - Outlet Tube Gasket
  • 21a. #80821 - F1005 - Outlet Tube
         21b. #08073 - F182 - Offset Outlet Tube
  • 22. #80822 - F2 - 1-1/2" Coupling
  • 23. #08017 - F5AT - 1-1/2" Coupling Assembly
  • 24. #08020 - Equiparts - 1-1/2" Gasket Kit
  • 25. #08012 - V551A - Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit
  • 26. #08803 - DV1003A - Complete Pivot Replacement
  • 27. #08846 - DV1007A - Spray Arm Repair Kit
  • 28. #08813 - DV1001A - Wall Support Kit
                #08092 - DV50A - Repair Seal Set (Contains items 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14)
  • #85771 - DV1005A - Deoseptic Conversion Kit (Contains All Parts to Convert from #08145 to #08146)

Troubleshooting Q&A

Below is a Troubleshooting Q&A Guide for Sloan Bedpan Washer before 1998 from Sloan. The guide highlights the most commonly occurring problems and how to go about fixing them. As always you can call us for assistance or if you need to replace a part and/or unit.

Diverter leaking at spray arm

A) Diverter spray arm (old style) is damaged. Replace diverter arm with new spray arm replacement kit.

Note: On old style diverter spray arm, the spray arm o-ring was placed on groove at the end of the spray arm. When installing new spray arm kit, place washer into bottom of hole of nozzle pivot. Then place the o-ring on top of washer. Insert new spray arm into the pivot, pressing it slightly. While holding spray arm in place, tighten set screw.

B) Spray arm o-ring is damaged or installed improperly. Re-install o-ring as described above in step A. If leakage persists, replace using spray arm kit DV-1007-A (#08846).

Diverter leaking at nozzle pivot

A) One or both pivot o-rings are worn. Replace nozzle pivot assembly. Use pivot replacement kit.

B) Diverter seal washer worn or missing. Replace pivot seals. Use diverter rebuild kit.

C) Nozzle pivot damaged or defective. Replace nozzle pivot assembly. Use pivot replacement kit.

Erratic spray pattern from arm nozzle

A) Debris clogging nozzle screen. Wash nozzle screen under running water.

B) Damaged or missing nozzle screen or spray disc. Replace using DV-1007-A (#08846) spray arm replacement kit.

Deoseptic solution not siphoning from bottle during flush cycle (Deoseptic Models Only)

A) Adjusting screw not open. Open adjusting screw until adequate amount of solution is siphoned from bottle during flush cycle.

B) Aspirator tube screen clogged. Remove the solution bottle. Remove aspirator tube from the swivel & ball check assembly and wash the screen under running water.

C) Aspirator tube not installed completely onto swivel & ball check assembly. Remove solution bottle. Make sure aspirator tube is pushed completely onto nipple of swivel & ball check assembly.

D) Aspirator tube cracked. Replace aspirator tube assembly.

E) Rubber ball check stuck inside swivel & ball check assembly. Remove solution bottle and aspirator tube from swivel & ball check assembly. Gently insert small implement (paper clip, small dia. hex key, etc.) into nipple of swivel & ball check assembly to dislodge rubber ball check. Stop pushing once water starts to trickle from nipple.

Note: If ball is pushed too hard or too far it may fall out of seat. Should this occur, the swivel & ball check assembly must be removed and ball replaced. To do this, remove retaining ring using retaining clip pliers. Pull swivel & ball check assembly off of adjusting screw being careful not to drop rubber ball check. Place rubber ball back into seat of swivel & ball check assembly and reassemble. If ball and seals appear worn, rebuild.

Water leaking back into solution bottle

A) Rubber ball damaged or missing. Replace rubber ball using DV-1004-A (#08095) deoseptic diverter rebuild kit.

B) Rubber ball is not sitting in seat or swivel & ball check assembly. Remove swivel & ball check assembly, taking care not to lose rubber ball. Insert rubber ball back into seat of swivel & ball check assembly and reassemble. Note: Follow steps in solution (E) of problem 4.


Sloan Bedpan Washer Installation Tips and Information:

  • The following items need to be installed prior to installing the bedpan washer and flushometer: closet fixture, drain line, and water supply line.
  • You will need the following tools to complete the installation: a straight blade screwdriver, and a Sloan A-50 Super Wrench, Sloan A-109 Plier Wrench, or a smooth jawed spud wrench.
  • Be sure to follow the rough-in instructions on Sloan’s installation guide to meet your area’s requirements.


Installation order for Sloan Bedpan Washer:

  1. Install optional sweat solder adapter (only complete this is your supply pipe does not have a male thread)
  2. Install cover tube, wall flange, and control stop to supply pipe
  3. Install flanged outlet tube (this is when you should start retrofit applications)
  4. Install diverter valve and wall support flange
  5. Install vacuum breaker flush connection (sizes are listed in bullet points below parts breakdown)
  6. Install flushometer
  7. Flush out the supply line
  8. Install control stop and vandal resistant cap/plug


Care and Cleaning of Chrome and Special Finishes:

DO NOT use abrasive or chemical cleaners to clean flushometers as they may dull the luster and attack the chrome or special decorative finishes. Use ONLY mild soap and water, then wipe dry with clean cloth or towel. While cleaning the bathroom tile, the flushometer should be protected from any splattering of cleaner. Acids and cleaning fluids can discolor or remove the chrome plating.



Sloan Bedpan Washer TroubleShooting PDF

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