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Sloan B-74-A Handle (For Flushometers)



Part Number: #08902
Manufacturer Number: B74A
Sloan Code Number: 0302389PK
Manufacturer: Sloan Valve Co

This Sloan Flush Valve Handle is the ADA Compliant handle replacement part needed for handle repair on Sloan flushometers. Sloan model B-74-A. This handle can fit any Sloan flush valve. Note that this part contains the handle only. Click the link below to view the complete ADA assembly kit, which contains all of the parts needed to fully replace the handle assembly.

View the complete ADA Handle Assembly Kit. *Note: This ADA grip Handle Assembly is purchased more often than the handle by itself. Most often, when these handles need to be repaired or replaced, it is due to improper use, like kicking the handle to flush a toilet in public restrooms. This often breaks parts inside the handle as well as the handle itself. The kit contains everything that is needed to replace the handle assembly for a Sloan flush valve.