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Royal Dual Flush Side Mount Flushometer 1.1 or 1.6 GPF for Closet



Part Number: #85607
Mfg No.: 111-1.6/1.1 DFSM
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co

As toilet flush valve technology continues to improve since those first patented Sloan Royal Flushometers were developed in the early 1900s, the current pinnacle of perfection in the industry is the battery operated, infrared sensor, automatic flush side mount valve featured here. This flush side mount with motion sensor valve, which can be mounted with the handle protruding to either the right or the left, is a quiet, diaphragm-type toilet flushometer made from high copper content and low in zinc-brass to increase resistance to the corrosion of dezincification. As a sensor activated flush valve, it allows hands-free operation during normal use, however, this particular sensor activated dual flush unit also features a two-button option that allows the user to choose the amount of water used during flushing operations.  

Once installed and adjusted, anyone coming into the sensor zone will cause an internal timer to count down. If the user vacates the senor zone within 60 seconds, a low-volume 1.1-gallon flush will be released, saving up to 30% in water use. If more than 60 seconds have passed, a full, 1.6-gallon flush will be employed. This sensor activated Flushometer will also flush with either 1.1-gal or 1.6-gal at the touch of a button by the user.

Quiet, Exposed, Diaphragm Type, Chrome Plated Closet Flushometer with the following features: 
Quiet, Exposed, Diaphragm Type, Chrome Plated Closet Flushometer with the following features:
• PERMEX® Synthetic Rubber Diaphragm with Dual Filtered Fixed Bypass
• ADA Compliant Optima Plus® Battery Powered Infrared Sensor for automatic “No Hands” operation
• Chrome Plated Infrared Sensor Housing
• Can be Mounted on either the Left or Right Side of Valve
• Non-Hold-Open True Mechanical Override Full Flush Button
• If the user is present for less than one minute and leaves the sensing zone or chooses the small GREEN override button, a reduced flush initiates (1.1 gpf/4.2 Lpf) eliminating liquid and paper waste, saving 1/2 gallon of water
• If the user is present for greater than one minute and leaves the zone or chooses the large BLACK override button, the full flush initiates (1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpf) eliminating solid waste and paper
• Reduces water volume by up to 30% when a reduced flush occurs
• User-friendly three (3) second Flush Delay
• Four (4) Size C Alkaline Batteries included
• “Low Battery” Flashing LED
• “User in View” Flashing LED
• 72-Hour Sentinel Flush
• Infrared Sensor Range Adjustment Screw and Reset Button
• 1” I.P.S. Screwdriver Bak-Chek® Angle Stop with free spinning, vandal resistant Stop Cap
• Adjustable Tailpiece
• High Back Pressure Vacuum Breaker Flush Connection with One-piece Bottom Hex Coupling Nut
• Spud Coupling and Flange for 1-1/2” Top Spud
• Sweat Solder Adapter w/Cover Tube and Cast Wall Flange w/Set Screw
• High Copper, Low Zinc Brass Castings for Dezincification Resistance
• Flush Accuracy Controlled by CID™ Technology
• No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation
• Diaphragm, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker Molded from PERMEX® Rubber Compound for Chloramine resistance

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