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Sloan EBV-146-AU Electronic Module with Solenoid Base (For Urinal)



Part Number: #08709
Sloan Model Number: EBV-146-AU 
Sloan Code Number: 0325177
Manufacturer: Sloan


This Sloan EBV-146-AU Electronic Module with Solenoid Base is designed for use in Optima Plus Flushometers for urinal applications. This includes G2 Optima Plus and Royal Optima Plus flushometers. 

Get a better understanding of how to know when the the electronic module needs to be replaced by reviewing our troubleshooting guides. View the G2 Parts Breakdown & Troubleshooting Guide or the Royal Optima Plus Parts Breakdown & Troubleshooting Guide for additional help. Or view the Closet version of this repair part. 

Electronic Module - Urinal w/ Solenoid Base