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Solenoid Replacement Kit - Old Style



Part Number: #54335
Mfg No.: EBF1011A
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co

Old Style Solenoid Replacement Kit for Sloan Optima Plus battery powered electronic faucets. Includes solenoid body, solenoid enclosure, and solenoid filter cap. Used on Sloan electronic faucet models EBF-625 and EBF-655, and model EBF-750 PRIOR to September 2009.

This Sloan electronic faucet solenoid replacement kit may be needed if the water from your faucet continues to run even after there is no longer a target in the faucet's sensing zone and the automatic shut-off function fails to operate even after the batteries have been taken out of the unit.

Another hint that this old style Sloan faucet solenoid may need to be replaced is if, when the faucet is being set up (after replacing the batteries, for example) the red LED troubleshooting light doesn't flash off and on. In this case, your Sloan faucet repair should begin by ensuring the batteries are good and that they're installed properly. Next, ensure that the sensor cable is properly connected to the control module. You may also have to increase the range of the infrared sensor if it's been previously set to the minimum. If it is still not working properly, the solenoid may require replacement.

This Sloan replacement solenoid consists of the solenoid body, the solenoid enclosure and filter cap. It has a chrome finish and comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and batteries.