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Sloan Tailpieces

tailpieces and related parts

Sloan Tailpieces and Repair Parts

Find a large selection of Sloan tailpieces and all of the parts related to tailpieces as well as the tools needed to service them in this section of Tailpieces are found on toilet or urinal flushometers. Tailpieces connect the valve body to the stop valve. Different tailpiece lengths are available starting at 2-1/16” up to 6-1/16”, with sizes available for every inch in between. These sizes are available to fit different rough-in dimensions. Every Sloan tailpiece has a ¾ inch of adjustment, making them adjustable for minor installation misalignments. The “O” ring and locking ring are included with the tailpiece. Read our Tailpiece Removal and Replacement Article for more information on when and how to replace a tailpiece. 
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