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GEM 2 Flushometer 1.0 GPF for Urinal



Part Number: #08799
Sloan Model Number: GEM-2 186-1.0-XL
Sloan Code Number: 3072606
Manufacturer: Sloan

1.0 gpf, XL Sweat Solder Adapter Kit, Polished Chrome Finish, Fixture Connection Top Spud, Single Flush, GEM-2® Exposed Manual Urinal Flushometer.


• Flush Volume: 1.0 gpf (3.8 Lpf) 
• Finish: Polished Chrome (CP)
• Valve: Piston
• Valve Body Material: Semi-red Brass 
• Fixture Type: Urinal
• Fixture Connection: Top Spud
• Rough-In Dimension: 11 1⁄2" (292mm) 
• Spud Coupling: 3/4" (38mm)
• Supply Pipe: 3/4" (25mm)
• Adapter: XL Sweat Solder Adapter Kit (XL)


• Fixed Volume Piston with Filtered O-ring Bypass
• ADA Compliant Metal Oscillating Non-Hold-Open Handle
• 3⁄4” I.P.S. Screwdriver Bak-Chek® Angle Stop with Control Stop Plug
• Vacuum Breaker Flush Connection
• Spud Coupling, Wall and Spud Flanges for 3/4” Top Spud
• Cast Set Wall Flange with Set Screw
• Sweat Solder Adaptor with cover tube
• Non-Hold-Open Handle and No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation
• Handle Packing, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker Molded from PERMEX® Rubber Compound for Chloramine Resistance


Compliances & Certifications:
ADA Compliant, cUPC Certified, BAA Compliant


Sloan 3072606 Spec Sheet 
GEM 2 Parts Breakdown and Troubleshooting Guide


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