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Sloan Electronic Faucet Parts EBF-750 & EBF-750-S Parts Breakdown and Troubleshooting Guide (Pre-2019)

Below is the parts breakdown for the Sloan EBF-750 and EBF-750-S electronic faucets. (View the new bluetooth breakdowns to find repair parts for faucets made 2019 to present here: Bluetooth EBF-750 & EBF-750-S). Click on the part number of the item(s) you need in order to repair your EBF-750 and/or EBF-750-S faucet. (Please note: For an item that is not linked, we still carry that item, but currently it is not listed on our website. To order those items, give us a call.) Scroll further down and you will see the troubleshooting Q&A, which lists popular Sloan faucet problems and repair solutions specific to this model.

EBF-750 / 750-S Breakdown PDF
View complete faucet models:
Sloan EBF-750-4 Optima Faucet 4" Trim Plate - 2.2 GPM (Battery Powered) 
• Sloan EBF-750-8 Optima Faucet 8" Trim Plate - 2.2 GPM (Battery Powered) 
• Sloan EBF-750-S-H Optima Faucet Surgical Bend Spout Less Trim Plate - 2.2 GPM (Battery Powered)

  • 1a. #81317 - EBF-140-A - 2008-2019 Faucet/Sensor Assembly with Standard Gooseneck Spout (EBF-750)
         1b. #80748 - EBF-141-A - 2008-2019 Faucet/Sensor Assembly with Surgical Bend Gooseneck Spout (EBF-750-S)
         1c. #80377 - EBF-138-A Pre-2008 Sensor Replacement Kit includes Sensor Housing and Cable Assembly
  • 2a. #80749ETF-102-A - Spray Head w/Key (Female Thread 0.5 GPM)
    #50013 - ETF-1022-A - 2.2 GPM Aerator Spray Head with Key (Female Thread)
    #84322 - ETF-621-A - Laminar Flow Spray Head with Key (Female 2.2 GPM)
    2b. #80750 - AC-55-A - Shower Spray Head Assembly with Key (2.2 GPM)
  • 3. #80751 - ETF-178 - Adapter for Spray Heads
  • 4. #54693 - ETF-435 - Aerator Key Only
  • 5. #80325 - ETF-503-A - Spout Mounting Kit
  • 6. #81784 - ETF740A - New Style Solenoid
  • 7. #81785 - ETF-735-A - New Style Control Module Assembly Uses Four “AA” Batteries (#32737) & phone Jack
  • 8. #56794 - ETF-617-A - 3/8" Back Check Tee
  • 9. #58166 - ETF-607-A - 4" Centerset Trim Plate Kit
  • 10. #54325 - EBF-60-A - Old Style Control Module Assembly includes base enclosure, cover enclosure, two gaskets, solenoid body, solenoid enclosure, solenoid filter cap, and battery stop. Uses four “C” batteries (#32739)
  • 11. #54335 - EBF-1011-A - Solenoid Replacement Kit
  • 12. #80753 - EBF-113-A - Solenoid Supply Compression Nut Kit includes two compression nuts, two compression sleeves, and screwdriver.
         12b. #56794 - ETF-617-A - 3/8” Back Check Tee
  • 13. #54686 - EBF-79-A - Mounting Hardware Kit for Control Module Assembly Includes four anchor nuts, four toggle nuts, four mounting screws for base plate, four flat washers, four anchors, and four metal screws
  • 14. EBF-236-A - New Style Sensor Replacement Kit ONLY - Call to Order
  • 15. #80377 - EBF-138-A - Old Style Sensor Replacement Kit ONLY
  • 16. #32740 - UNCE95SP8 - 4 "C" Batteries
  • 17. #32737 - UNCEN91 - 4 "AA" Batteries
  • 18. #08218ETF-470-A Back Check
  • 19. #81963 - SFP-22-A Optional 8-inch Centerset Trim Plate Kit
  • 20. #54676 - ETF313A Optional 4-inch Centerset Trim Plate Kit 

Troubleshooting Q&A

Below is a Troubleshooting Q&A Guide for the EBF-750 Electronic Faucet from Sloan. The guide highlights the most commonly occurring problems and how to go about fixing them. As always you can call us for assistance or if you need to replace a part and/or unit.


Sensor LED DOES NOT function (Sensor indicator light does not flash during initial 10 min set-up mode)

A) There is no visible indicator light. Normal operation. This is a normal operating feature of the faucet.



Faucet DOES NOT deliver any water when sensor is activated

Solenoid valve produces audible "CLICK."

A) Water supply stop(s) closed. Open supply stop(s) completely.

Solenoid valve DOESN'T produce audible "CLICK"

B) Solenoid Lead is not properly connected to the Control Module. Disconnect and reconnect Solenoid Lead to the Control Module.

C) No battery or Transformer (optional) power is being supplied to Sensor. Ensure that the batteries are installed properly. Reinsert the batteries into the Control Module. Transformer (optional) is unplugged or wall receptacle has no power.

D) Sensor Cable is not properly connected to the Control Module. Disconnect and reconnect Sensor Cable to the Control Module.

E) Sensor range is set at minimum distance. Increase Sensor range. Refer to Range Adjustment in your installation instructions.

F) Control Module assembly is not working properly. Replace Control Module assembly.


Delivers Low Flow / dribble when active

A) Water supply valve is partially closed. Open the supply stop(s) completely.

B) Solenoid filter is clogged. Remove, clean, and reinsert. Replace with EBF-1001-A (#08580) or EBF-1004-A (#08578) solenoid filter kit if needed.

C) Aerator or spray head is clogged. Remove, clean, and reinsert.


Delivery of water continues to flow / drip after user is no longer detected (auto shut-off fails even when batteries are removed)

A) Solenoid valve has been connected backwards. Disassemble solenoid valve compression fittings at inlet and outlet positions. Water should flow from inlet through solenoid valve to outlet according to the direction shown by the arrow on the side. Reconnect fittings in the correct orientation.

B) Solenoid valve is dirty. Backflush by reversing water flow (opposite to the direction shown by the arrow on the side of the solenoid valve) through the solenoid valve. Reconnect the compression fittings in the correct orientation. Activate faucet.

C) Solenoid valve module is not working properly. Replace solenoid valve module.


The water temperature is too hot / cold on a faucet connected to hot / cold supply lines with two bak-chek's

A) Supply stops are not adjusted properly. Adjust supply stops.
NOTE: For some systems, a thermostatic mixing valve may be required


The Red LED turns on in the control Module (below deck)

A) One (or more) of the batteries is "dead". To ensure proper operation, insert four (4) new AA-size Alkaline batteries. Reinsert batteries into the Control Module.

B) Upon start-up mode the control module circuitry tests the batteries. The Red LED turns on if the battery voltage is low. No Red LED light indicates normal battery voltage.

C) If reset (initiates start up mode) button is pressed, the battery voltage is checked. If voltage is too low, product is stopped from operating and Red LED will turn on. No Red LED light indicates battery voltage is at a normal level.


The Green LED initially turns on in the Control Module (below deck) during Start Up mode, then will not appear again

A) This is a normal, for the first ten (10) minutes, Green LED will turn on. Afterwards it will no longer turn on.

EBF-750 / 750-S Troubleshooting Guide PDF
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