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Sloan Hydraulic Series 900 Parts Breakdown and Troubleshooting Guide

Scroll down to view the parts breakdown for the Hydraulic Series 900 Flushometer from Sloan. You can click on the part number(s) you need to repair your Hydraulic Series 900 Flushometer. (Please note: If an item listed below does not have a link, we still carry it, but is not currently on our website. If you wish to order this item, give us a call.) Scroll past the parts breakdown to see the troubleshooting Q&A, which highlights common problems for the unit, and the solutions to fix them.

Sloan Hydraulic Series 900 Breakdown PDF

  • 1. #08049RB - A72RB - Rough Brass Cover
  • 2. #08050 - A71 - Inside Cover
  • 3. #83541 - HY1102A - Hydraulic Repair Kit 3.5 GPF
              #08563 - A1038ABX - Diaphragm Assembly Only 3.5 GPF
              #83542 - HY1103A - Hydraulic Repair Kit 2.4 GPF
              #08752 - A1044A - Diaphragm Assembly Only 2.4 GPF
              #83540 - HY1101A - Hydraulic Repair Kit 1.6 GPF
              #08564 - A1041ABX - Diaphragm Assembly Only 1.6 GPF
              #83545 - HY1108A - Hydraulic Repair Kit 1.5 GPF
              #08562 - A1037ABX - Diaphragm Assembly Only 1.5 GPF
              #83544 - HY1107A - Hydraulic Repair Kit 1.0 GPF
              #08565 - A1042ABX - Diaphragm Assembly Only 1.0 GPF
              #83543 - HY1103A - Hydraulic Repair Kit 0.5 GPF
              #08566 - A1043ABX - Diaphragm Assembly Only 0.5 GPF
  • 4. #08438 - V651ABX - Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit
  • 5. #08040 - H550 - Rough Brass Tailpiece Coupling
  • 6. #08039 - H551A - Rough Brass Adjustable Tailpiece Coupling
  • 7a. #08037 - H553 - O-Ring
         7b. #08038 - H552 - Locking Ring
  • 8. #SP5695 - H730A - Rough Brass Wheel Handle Bak-Chek® Control Stop
  • 9a. #08282 - H541AWH - 1" Wheel Handle Repair Kit
         9b. #08248 - H543AWH - 3/4" Wheel Handle Repair Kit
  • 10. #83466 - H558A - Wheel Handle
  • 11a. #83467 - H623 - 1" Rough Brass Bonnet
         11b. #83468 - H623 - 3/4" Rough Brass Bonnet
  • 12. Call for Assistance - Royal Vacuum Breaker Flush Connection
  • 13. #56124 - F2AA - 1/2" Rough Brass Couplings, Friction Rings, and Rubber Gaskets
  • 14. #56123 - F21 - Rough Brass Elbow
  • 15. #83469 - F2A - 1-1/2" Rough Brass Coupling, Friction Ring, and Rubber Gasket
  • 16. Must Specify Length - Rough Brass Flared End Flush Connection
  • 17. Must Specify Length - 3/4" Rough Brass Elbow Flush Connection with Coupling and Rubber Gasket
  • 18. #SP8788 - F2AW - 3/4" Rough Brass Coupling, Friction Ring, and Rubber Gasket
  • 19. #08531 - HY25 - Rough Brass Valve Actuator Housing Only
  • 20. #83470 - H623 - Tube Fitting
  • 21. #83471 - HY24 - Tube Fitting Nut
  • 22. #08635 - HY30 - 1/4" x 48" Connecting Tubes
  • 23. #83472 - H623 - Rough Brass Handle Coupling Nut
  • 24. #08636 - HY109A - Actuator Housing Assembly
  • 25. #08392 - HY83A - Actuator Catridge Assembly
  • 26. #08395 - HY50A - Actuator Sub-Assembly
  • 27. #08534 - HY32A - Actuator Sub-Assembly Repair Kit

Troubleshooting Q&A

Below is a Troubleshooting Q&A Guide for Sloan Hydraulic Series 900 Flushometer. The guide highlights the most commonly occurring problems and how to go about fixing them. As always you can call us for assistance or if you need to replace a part and/or unit.

Attention Installers: With the exception of the control stop inlet, do not use pipe sealant or plumbing grease on any valve component or coupling. To protect the chrome or special finish of Sloan Flushometers, DO NOT use toothed tools to install or service these valves. Use our #08047 super wrench or #08070 non-marking wrench. Please confirm the water requirements of the fixture before proceeding with the troubleshooting process. Having the proper water flow is critical for valve and fixture performance.

Leakage occurs at the push button

A) Damaged or worn seals in the actuator cartridge.
B) Lime and scale may be built up in the cartridge.

A & B) Replace with new #08534 cartridge. 

Flushometer does not flush and leakage is visible on the fixture

A) Debris is lodged in the actuator cartridge
B) Damaged or worn seals in the actuator cartridge
C) Plastic tubing damaged or fittings loose

A) Remove and inspect. Clean the cartridge under running water, reinstall and test.
B) Replace with a new #08534 cartridge
C) Inspect tubing and all connections. During new installations confirm the tubing has been installed properly.

The flushometer does not flush or flushes once and will not flush a second time when the button is pushed

A) The plunger is lodged in the #08392 actuator cartridge, or the bypass hole is clogged
B) Lime and scale build up in the #08392 actuator cartridge
C) Damaged or worn seals on the #08392 actuator cartridge
D) Orifice is clogged in the diaphragm assembly

A) Remove the #08636 actuator housing, remove actuator cartridge from housing #08392, clean the cartridge under running water.
B) Remove the cartridge and clean under running water. If the problem persists replace the #08392 cartridge
C) Replace the cartridge
D) Turn off the water supply at stop valve. Remove #08049RB main valve cover and inside cover #08050. Clean the diaphragm assembly under running water. If the problem persists, identify the correct diaphragm assembly and replace.

The flushometer does not flush properly

A) The control stop or main water supply valve is closed

A) Confirm the control stop valve and valve from main water supply are open.

Volume of water is insufficient to adequately clear fixture

A) Identify the water requirements of the fixture
B) Confirm the gallon rate of the installed diaphragm kit, if the incorrect kit has been installed, replace it with the diaphragm kit to meet the fixture water requirements.
C) Inspect the diaphragm kit for damage, or debris. Clean or replace as necessary. Please note the proper gallon rate required for the fixture must be used to insure proper flush valve performance.

Flushometer closes immediately (short flush)

A) Main valve cap, #08049, is loose
B) Inside cover, #08050, is cracked
C) Worn or damaged diaphragm kit

A) Turn off water supply at the control stop, cycle the flushometer once to remove the remaining water pressure in the flush valve. Tighten #08049 main valve cap using a non-marking wrench. See #08047 and #08070 wrenches for proper valve service.

B) Turn off water supply at the control stop, cycle the flushometer once to remove the remaining water pressure in the flush valve. Remove #08049 main valve cap using a non-marking wrench and inspect in the #08050 inside cover for damage. Please note: damage in the #08050 will in some cases allow water to leak from main valve cap. Replace the inside cover if needed.

C) Inspect the kit, and replace it with the proper kit to provide the water requirements of the fixture. Please note for proper flush valve performance the correct diaphragm kit must be used.

Length of flush is too long, or flush valve fails to close

A) The wrong diaphragm kit been used to supply the water needs of the fixture

B) Debris is clogging the orifice in diaphragm kit

A) Confirm the water requirements of the fixture

B) Turn off water at control stop. Cycle the valve once to relieve water pressure. Use a non marking wrench such as a #08047 or #08070 to remove the main valve cap and inside cover. When an older diaphragm kit is encountered hold the diaphragm up to a light source, if light cannot be seen through the orifice rinse the diaphragm kit under running water and re-examine. If the diaphragm kit is not clear of debris or the diaphragm shows signs of wear, replace it with a diaphragm kit to provide the proper water requirements for the fixture. When new style dual filtered kits are encountered, remove the top and bottom filter rings, rinse diaphragm kit and reinstall the filter rings. If the filter rings or the diaphragm kit show any signs of wear replace it with a diaphragm kit to provide the water requirements for the fixture.


Plastic Push Button
1. Loosen the set screw in the button flange using a 5/64" hex wrench. Remove the button, flange, and spring from the actuator body
2. Unscrew the #08534 actuator cartridge from the actuator body. Please note there is a check valve in the actuator body which allows the removal of the cartridge without turning off the water supply.

Metal Push Button
1. Remove the metal push button or actuator assembly from the wall or fixture.
2. Disassemble the flange or button assembly from the actuator body.
3. Unscrew the #08534 cartridge from the actuator body. Please note the metal push button was designed to be vandal resistant and must be removed from the wall before servicing.

1. Turn off water at the control stop.
2. Unscrew the housing coupling nut from the flushometer.
3. Remove the valve actuator housing from the flushometer, the plastic tubing may remain attached.
4. Remove the actuator cartridge assembly from the flushometer body. Please note that care should be used so that the actuator does not abruptly separate due to the spring compression within cartridge. If the #08534 cartridge is lodged in the body, grip the exposed portion gently with a pair of pliers and rotate it to loosen the o-ring seal.
5. Separate the actuator housing to reveal the spring and plunger, inspect them for wear. If necessary, replace.

Sloan Hydraulic Series 900 TroubleShooting PDF