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Sloan Optima Royal ESS TMO Exposed Parts Breakdown and Troubleshooting Guide

View the parts breakdown below to help you identify parts of your Sloan Optima Royal ESS TMO Exposed flushometer and complete the repairs needed to service your flush valve more easily. Click on the part numbers below the diagram to view the part(s), learn more about them, and buy them from (Please note: If an item is not linked, we still carry that item, but it is not currently listed on our website. To order that part, give us a call.) When you scroll past the parts diagram you will see the troubleshooting Q&A, which lists the most common problems and repair solutions.

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  • 1. #08049 - A72 - Chrome Plated Cover
  • 2. #08050 - A71 - Inside Cover
  • 3. #08004 - A19AC - Closet Relief Valve (White)
              #08005 - A19AU - Urinal Relief Valve (Black)
              #08345 - A19ALC - Low Consumption Relief Valve (Green)
  • 4. #08563 - A1038A - 3.5 GPF Closet Diaphragm Assembly
              #08752 - A1044A - 2.4 GPF Closet Diaphragm Assembly
              #08564 - A1041A - 1.6 GPF Closet Low Consumption Diaphragm Assembly
              #08937 - A1045A - 1.2 GPF Closet Low Consumption Diaphragm Assembly
              #08562 - A1037A - 1.5 GPF Urinal Diaphragm Assembly
              #08565 - A1042A - 1.0 GPF Urinal Low Consumption Diaphragm Assembly
              #08566 - A1043A - 0.5 GPF Urinal Low Consumption Diaphragm Assembly
  • 5. #08020 - Equiparts - 1-1/2" Gasket Kit
              #08021 - Equiparts - 1-1/4" Gasket Kit
              #08022 - Equiparts - 3/4" Gasket Kit
  • 6. #08017 - F5A - 1-1/2" Coupling Assembly
              #08018 - F5A - 1-1/4" Coupling Assembly
              #08019 - F5A - 3/4" Coupling Assembly
  • 7. #08438 - V651A - Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit
  • 8. #08467 - V600AA - 1-1/2" x 9" Vacuum Breaker
             #08466 - V600AA - 1-1/4" x 9" Vacuum Breaker
             #08465 - V600AA - 3/4" x 9" Vacuum Breaker
  • 9. #08040 - H550 - Tailpiece Coupling Nut
  • 10. #08039 - H551A - Adjustable Tailpiece 2-1/16" (Other Lengths Available)
  • 11. #08038 - H552 - Locking Ring
  • 12. #08037 - H553 - O-Ring
  • 13. #08460 - H700A - 3/4" Vandal Resistant Control Stop
                #08464 - H700A - 1" Vandal Resistant Control Stop
  • 14. #08032 - H541ASD - Control Stop Repair Kit for 3/4" or 1"
  • 15. #08322 - H1010ABX - Vandal Resistant Control Stop Cap Assembly for 3/4" or 1"
  • 16. #08023 - 1-1/2" Spud Assembly
                #08024 - 1-1/4" Spud Assembly
                #08025 - 3/4" Spud Assembly
  • 17. #08735 - EL-124-2 - Chrome Plated 24V Solenoid Assembly
  • 18. #83663 - EL-645-A - Chrome Plated Wall Plate Sensor Kit for Urinal
                #86185 - EL-635-A - Chrome Plated Wall Plate Sensor Kit for Closet
  • 19. #82809 - F15 - Tail Assembly
  • 20. #80295 - EL-431-A - Flange Assembly
  • 21. #08273 - H-633-AA - 1" Solder Kit
                #08272 - H-636-AA - 3/4" Solder Kit
  • 22. #08072 - C2A - Flush Valve Push Button Assembly
  • 23. #08054 - A6 - Chrome Plated Handle Nut



Troubleshooting Q&A

Below is a Troubleshooting Q&A Guide for the Optima Royal ESS TMO Exposed Flushometer. This guide highlights the most commonly occurring problems and how to go about fixing them. As always you can call us for assistance or if you need to replace a part and/or unit.

Note: Upon detection of the user, the red indicator light flashes slowly for a period of eight seconds. When the user leaves the detection range, the indicator light flashes rapidly and the sensor initiates the flush sequence. Then the indicator light stops flashing and the valve flushes. The valve will flush after a three second delay.


Valve does not function (red light does not flash when user steps in front of sensor)

A) No power is being supplied to sensor

B) EL-1500-L Sensor is not operating

A) Ensure that the main power is turned "ON". Check transformer, leads, and connections. Repair or replace as necessary

B) Replace EL-1500-L Sensor


Valve does not function (red light flashes when user steps in fron of sensor)

Red light stops flashing when user steps away and valve makes a "clicking" sound but does not flush.

A) No water is being supplied to the valve

B) EL-128-A cartridge is fouled or jammed

A) Make certain that water supply us turned "ON" and the Control Stop is open

B) Turn electronic power to valve "OFF" (failure to do so could result in damage to the solenoid coil). Remove the solenoid operator from the valve and remove the EL-128-A cartridge. Clean and/or repair as necessary.

The red light stops flashing when user steps away but the valve does NOT make a “clicking” sound and does NOT flush.

A) EL-163-A solenoid shaft assembly is fouled or jammed.

A) Turn electronic power to valve “OFF” (failure to do so could result in damage to the solenoid coil). Remove EL-101 or EL-166 nut from the solenoid operator. Remove the coil from the solenoid operator. Use a spanner wrench or pliers to remove the EL-163-A solenoid shaft assembly from valve. Clean and/or replace as necessary. Be sure to replace plunger spring when reassembling Solenoid Shaft Assembly.

The red light flashes three (3) short flashes, three (3) long flashes then three (3) short flashes (“S-O-S”) and continues to repeat this cycle even when user steps out of the sensor’s detection range

A) EL-1500-L Sensor wiring connections are incorrect.

B) Wiring to Sensor is ground shorted.

C) EL-165-2 solenoid coil is burnt out or coil is not connected to solenoid plunger shaft.

A) Rewire Sensor to valve. One solenoid lead connects to the “TO VALVE” connection on Sensor. One transformer lead connects to the “24 VAC IN” connection on Sensor. Second solenoid lead and second transformer lead connect together.

B) Find short in wiring circuit and correct.

C) Reinstall or replace coil as necessary.


Volume of water is insufficient to adequately siphon fixture.

A) Control Stop is not open wide enough.

B) Low Consumption unit is installed on Water Saver or Conventional fixture.

C) Inadequate water volume or pressure available from supply.

A) Adjust control stop for desired water delivery.

B) Replace Diaphragm component parts of valve with kit that corresponds to appropriate flush volume of fixture.

C) Increase pressure or supply (flow rate) to the valve. Consult factory for assistance.


Length of flush is too long (long flushing) or valve fails to shut off.

A) Water Saver valve is installed on Low Consumption fixture.

B) Relief valve in diaphragm is not seated properly or bypass hole in diaphragm is clogged.

A) Replace Diaphragm component parts of valve with kit that corresponds to appropriate flush volume of fixture.

B) Disassemble inside Diaphragm component parts and wash parts thoroughly. Replace worn parts if necessary.


Water splashes from fixture.

A) Supply flow rate is more than necessary.

A) Adjust Control Stop to meet flow rate required for proper cleansing of the fixture.


Control Stop Setting
Never open Controll Stop to where the flow from the valve exceeds the flow capability of the fixture. In the event of a valve failure, the fixture must be able to accommodate a continuous flow from the valve.