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Sloan Regal XL Flushometer Parts Breakdown and Troubleshooting Guide

Below is the parts breakdown for the Sloan Regal Flushometer. Scroll down and click on the part number(s) you need to repair your Regal Flushometer. (Please note: If an item does not have a link, we still carry it, but the item is not currently on our website. If you wish to order this item, give us a call.) Scroll past the parts breakdown to see the troubleshooting Q&A, which highlights common problems, and the solutions to fix them. Regal flushometers are one of Sloan's most popular flush valve systems. Regal units are known for their reliability, seamless design, and high performance. 


 Sloan Regal XL Parts Breakdown PDF

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• Sloan 111XL Regal Closet Flushometer 1.6 GPF
• Sloan 111-1.28XL Regal Closet Flushometer 1.28 GPF
• Sloan 180XL Regal Urinal Flushometer 3.0 GPF
• Sloan 186XL Regal Urinal Flushometer 1.5 GPF
• Sloan 180-1XL Regal Urinal Flushometer 1-1/4" Vacuum Breaker 1.0 GPF
• Sloan 186-1XL Regal Urinal Flushometer 3/4" Vacuum Breaker 1.0 GPF
• Sloan 186.05XL Regal Urinal Flushometer 0.5 GPF

  • 1. #08083 - R10 - Chrome Plated Cover
  • 2. #08050 - A71 - Inside Cover
  • 3. #08004 - A19AC - Closet Relief Valve (White)
              #08005 - A19AU - Urinal Relief Valve (Black)
              #08345 - A19ALC - Closet/Urinal Relief Valve (Green)
  • 4. #08003 - A15A - Molded Disc
  • 5. #08002 - A156A - Diaphragm
  • 6. #08006 - A163A - Adjustable Guide (Standard)
              #08252 - A152A - Adjustable Guide (3.5 GPF Closet)
              #08348 - A151A - Adjustable Guide (1.6 GPF Closet)
              #08349 - A155A - Adjustable Guide (1.0 GPF Urinal)
  • 7. #08000 - A38A - 3.5 GPF Closet Diaphragm Assembly
              #08114 - A41A - 1.6 GPF Closet Diaphragm Assembly
  • 8. #08001 - A37A - 1.5 GPF Urinal Diaphragm Assembly
              #08115 - A42A - 1.0 GPF Urinal Diaphragm Assembly
  • 9. #08007 - B50A - Handle Repair Kit (Plastic)
  • 10. #08008 - B32A - Chrome Plated Handle Assembly
                #08069 - B73A - ADA Handle Assembly
  • 11. #08054 - A6 - Chrome Plated Handle Nut
  • 12. #08012 - V551A - Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit
  • 13. #08014 - V500AA - 1-1/2" x 9" Chrome Plated Closet Vacuum Breaker
                #08015 - V500AA - 1-1/4" x 9" Chrome Plated Urinal Vacuum Breaker
                #08016 - V500AA - 3/4" x 9" Chrome Plated Urinal Vacuum Breaker
  • 14. #08020 - 1-1/2" Spud Coupling Gasket Kit for Closet
                #08021 - 1-1/4" Spud Coupling Gasket Kit for Urinal
                #08022 - 3/4" Spud Coupling Gasket Kit for Urinal
  • 15. #08142 - F56A - 1-1/2" Spud Coupling Assembly
                #08143 - F55A - 1-1/4" Spud Coupling Assembly
                #08144 - F54A - 3/4" Spud Coupling Assembly
  • 16. #08040 - H550 - Tailpiece Coupling Nut
  • 17. #08039 - H551A - Adjustable Tailpiece 2-1/16" (Other Lengths Available)
  • 18. #08038 - H552 - Locking Ring
  • 19. #08037 - H553 - O-Ring
  • 20. #08033 - H543ASD - Control Stop Repair Kit 3/4"
                #08032 - H541ASD - Control Stop Repair Kit for 1" or 3/4"
  • 21. #08471 - H790A - 1" Screwdriver Stop
                #08469 - H790A - 3/4" Screwdriver Stop
  • 22. #80793 - H1012A - Chrome Plated Cover
  • 23. #08023 - 1-1/2" Brass Spud Assembly
                #08024 - 1-1/4" Brass Spud Assembly
                #08025 - 3/4" Brass Spud Assembly
  • Complete Units: #08428, #08480, #89791, #08451, #08449, #08453, #08455, #81296

Troubleshooting Q&A

Below is a Troubleshooting Q&A Guide for Regal Flushometers from Sloan. The guide highlights the most commonly occurring problems and how to go about fixing them. As always you can call us for assistance or if you need to replace a part and/or unit.


Valve closes off immediately

A) Ruptured or damaged diaphragm.
B) Enlarged by-pass orifice from corrosion or damage.

A&B) Install new diaphragm or inside parts kit to correct above problems and update flushometer.


Leaking at Handle Assembly

A) Handle seal may have deteriorated.
B) Handle gasket has been omitted.
C) Valve is old style and handle packing is worn.

A) Install new seal or handle repair kit. NOTE: The handle seal will easily slide right onto the bushing if it is wet.
B) Install A-31 (#08065) handle gasket or handle repair kit B-50-A (#08007).
C) Install handle repair kit B-50-A (#08007).


Length of Flush too short

A) Diaphragm assembly and guide assembly are not hand tight.
B) Enlarged by-pass orifice from corrosion or damage.
C) Black urinal relief valve in closet flushometer.
D) Low consumption kit installed in non-low consumption fixture.
E) Handle assembly is worn.

A) Screw the two assemblies hand tight.
B) Install diaphragm or inside parts kit.
C) Install proper white closet relief valve.
D) Replace with proper inside parts kit.
E) Install handle repair kit B-50-A (#08007).


Length of Flush too long or fails to close off

A) Relief valve is not seating properly or by-pass orifice is clogged because of foreign material, or by-pass orifice is closed by an invisible gelatinous film from “overtreated" water.

B) Line pressure has dropped and is not sufficient to force relief valve to seat.

C) White closet relief valve has been used in a urinal valve.

D) Inside cover is cracked or damaged.

A) Disassemble the working parts and wash thoroughly. NOTE: Size of the orifice in the by-pass is of utmost importance in the proper metering of water into the upper chamber of the valve. Do not enlarge or damage this orifice. Replace inside kit if cleansing does not correct problem.

B) Shut off all control stops until pressure has been restored, then open them again.

C) Replace with black urinal relief valve.

D) Replace the inside cover.


Insufficient volume of water to adequately siphon fixture

A) Control stop not open enough.
B) Urinal valve parts inside a closet valve.
C) Low consumption valve installed on a non-low consumption valve fixture.
D) Water saver kit installed in old, non-water saver bowl.
E) Inadequate volume or pressure at supply.

A) Adjust control stop for desired delivery of water.
B) Replace inside urinal parts with proper closet valve parts.
C) Replace with proper inside parts kit.
D) Position refill head on guide so that side 1 is in up position.
E) If no gauges are available to properly measure supply pressure or volume of water at the valve, then remove the relief valve from the inside parts kit, reassemble the valve, and open the control stop. If the fixture siphons, more water volume is required. If a 3.5 GPF inside parts kit is installed in the valve, then first flip the refill head (under the diaphragm) to obtain a 4.5 GPF volume. If this volume is still inadequate, remove the flow ring from the guide to obtain a 6.5 GPF volume. If additional flow is still required, try a low pressure guide kit. If fixture does not siphon or if a low consumption fixture is installed, or if the above steps do not prove satisfactory, steps must be taken to increase the pressure and/or supply.


Leaking at top of vacuum breaker

A) Rubber vacuum breaker boot or gasket has deteriorated.

A) Install new vacuum breaker repair kit.


Leaking at bottom of vacuum breaker tube or around coupling

A) Coupling gaskets have deteriorated.
B) Spud washer and/or spud have deteriorated.

A) Install proper new coupling gasket kit.
B) Install proper new spud washer and/or complete new spud assembly.


Leaking between valve and control stop

A) “O" ring and/or locking ring have deteriorated.

A) Replace “O" ring and locking ring simultaneously.


Chattering Noise in Flushometer

A) Diaphragm has been installed upside down.
B) Inside cover has become distorted from wear, freezing or abuse.

A) Replace the segment diaphragm to the proper position as instructed by markings on the diaphragm.
B) Replace inside cover

Sloan Regal TroubleShooting PDF

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