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Sloan Crown and Crown 2 Parts Breakdown and Troubleshooting Guide –

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Sloan Crown and Crown 2 Parts Breakdown and Troubleshooting Guide

Sloan Crown Breakdown PDF

Below is a Troubleshooting Q&A Guide for Crown and Crown II Flushometers from Sloan. The guide highlights the most commonly occurring problems and how to go about fixing them. As always you can call us for assistance or if you need to replace a part and/or unit.

IMPORTANT: The Crown II/Crown Flushometer is engineered for quiet operation. Excessive water flow creates noise, while too little water flow may not satisfy the needs of the fixture. Proper adjustment is made when plumbing fixture is cleansed after each flush without splashing water out from the lip AND a quiet flushing cycle is achieved.

ATTENTION INSTALLERS: With the exception of the control stop inlet, DO NOT USE pipe sealant or plumbing grease on any valve component or coupling! To protect the chrome or special finish of Sloan Flushometers, DO NOT USE toothed tools to install or service these valves. Use our #08047 Super Wrench or other smooth-jawed wrench to secure couplings. Regulations for low consumption fixtures (1.6 GPF closets and 1.0 GPF urinals) prohibit use of higher flush volumes.


Valve DOES NOT Function

A) Control Stop or Main Valve is closed.

B) Handle Assembly is worn.

C) Relief Valve is worn and sticking in UP position.

A) Open control stop or main valve.

B) Install Sloan Handle Repair Kit (CR-1007 for Crown II, B-51-A for Crown,) or replace handle.

C) Replace piston.


Insufficient volume of water to adequately siphon fixture.

A) Control Stop not open enough.

B) Urinal piston parts inside a closet valve.

C) Low consumption valve installed on a non-low consumption fixture.

D) Inadequate volume or pressure at supply.

A) Adjust control stop for desired delivery of water.

B) Replace piston parts with proper closet piston

C) Replace with proper flushometer

D) Increase water pressure or supply (flow) to valve. Call Equiparts for assistance at 800-442-6622.


Length of Flush too short, or Valve closes of immediately

A) Piston assembly is not hand-tight.

B) Enlarged bypass orifice from corrosion or damage.

C) Urinal piston in closet Flushometer

D) Low consumption piston installed in non-low consumption fixture.

E) Handle assembly worn.

A) Screw the assembly hand-tight.

B) Install new inside parts kit to correct problem and update flushometer.

C) Replace piston with proper closet piston.

D) Replace with proper flushometer. Crown Flushometers are not available with flush volume higher than 1.6 GPF.

E) Install Sloan Handle Repair Kit (CR-1007 for Crown II, B-51-A for Crown.)


Length of Flush too long or fails to close off

A) Piston is not seating properly, bypass orifice is clogged because of foreign material, or bypass orifice is clogged by an invisible gelatinous film from “over-treated" water.

B) Line pressure has dropped and is not sufficient to force Relief Valve to seat.

C) CR-125-A main seat is fouled with debris, or is worn.

A) Disassemble the working parts and wash thoroughly. Note: Size of the orifice in the by-pass is of utmost importance in the proper metering of water into the upper chamber of the valve. DO NOT enlarge or damage this orifice. Replace piston if cleaning does not correct problem.

B) Shut off all control stops until pressure has been restored, then open them again.

C) Clean or replace CR-125-A main seat.


Leaking at Handle Assembly

A) The B-85 seal may have deteriorated.

B) Handle gasket has been omitted.

C) Valve handle bushing is worn

D) Handle trim ring is reversed, preventing gasket from sealing. (Crown II only)

A) Install new B-85 seal. NOTE: The B-85 seal will easily slide onto the bushing if it is wet

B) Install A-31 handle gasket or Sloan Handle Repair Kit

C) Install Sloan Handle Repair Kit (CR-1007 for Crown II, B-51-A for Crown,) or replace handle

D) Flip handle trim ring (CR-113) and reinstall handle assembly. (Crown II only)

Sloan Crown TroubleShooting PDF